These instructions outline how to retrofit the A128 Stainless Steel Float Switch retrofit kit into extractors that currently use the electromechanical floats or ball floats.

This can be done on all Speedsters®, LTD Speedsters®, and Breeze™ units.

A128 Stainless Steel Float Switch Retrofit Kit contains:

  • 2x stainless steel float switches
  • 2x 90º brass elbows
  • 1x brass T fitting
  • 2x washers
  • 1x brass nipple

Tools Needed:

  • 7/16" socket
  • 9/16" drill bit or flat bit
  • Power drill
  • Socket wrench
  • Silicone sealant
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire crimpers
  • Wire crimp connectors

Step 1: Separate the vacuum tank from the solution tank.

Remove the vacuum tank lid. Use the 7/16" socket to undo the bolt(s) holding the vacuum and solution tank together. Remove the bolt(s) and separate the vacuum tank from the solution tank.

Step 2: Install the Float Switch Retrofit Kit into the vacuum tank.

The float switch kit should be installed on the wall of the vacuum tank that gets attached to the solution tank, at a height that is just below the Cuff-Lynx™ vacuum tank inlet.

Drill a hole for the kit using the 9/16" bit. Install the switch kit as shown below. Make sure to use enough silicone sealant on the washers and the threads of the nipple to ensure a water and air-tight seal. 

The old float switches can be removed from the vacuum stack(s) if desired. You can cut the cords from the old float switches on both sides of the strain relief fittings on the bottom of the vacuum tank in order to maintain the vacuum seal.

Step 3: Connect the float switch wires.

Disconnect the old float switch wires from the wiring harness in the base. Crimp the new float switch wires to the appropriate wires in the harness as shown below – yellow connects to the yellow and white wires, red connects to the red/brown and white wires. White wires come from the relay(s) and the yellow and red/brown ones come from the wiring harness. Zip-tie together in order to organize wires.

Step 4: Bolt vacuum tank back to solution tank.

Bolt the vacuum tank back into position against the solution tank. Use silicone sealant to make sure there is a water and air-tight seal. Allow the silicone sealant to cure according to silicone manufacturer recommendations before using your extractor.