Follow these steps if your Carpet Shark™ is not turning on and you do not hear a small clicking sound when the handle is pulled back.

Tools needed:

• Phillips screwdriver or drill bit

Step 1: Remove the front cover with the carpet shark logo decal on it. There are 9 total Phillips screws to remove

Step 2: With the CRB connected to power, use a non-metal object to press down on the switch mechanism to make sure it powers on the machine. If the motor turns on, unplug
CRB and continue.

Step 3: Use a non-metal object to wedge the switch mechanism bar down, then bend the bar upwards slightly so that the lever from the handle will engage the switch when pulled down

Step 4: Plug the CRB back in and tilt the handle back to make sure it activates properly. 

Step 5: Place the cover back into position and reattach with the 9 Phillips screws