Follow instructions bellow to replace A148 vibration dampeners in ECO machines. 

Vibration dampeners are a wear item. Inspect dampeners regularly and replace them annually.


Tools Needed:                

  • 5/16” Allen wrench 
  • 3/4” wrench
  • 3/16” Allen wrench 
  • 7/16” socket wrench     
  • Chisel*
  • Hammer*

*For torn or ripped dampeners only                                                                                                     

1. Disconnect the power cord to the motor. Disconnect the tubing at the brass “T”  fitting. This is a push-in fitting so you have to push in on the fitting’s flange while pulling out the tubing.  

2. Remove both bolts holding the swing arms onto the motor plate using a 5/16” Allen wrench and a 3/4” wrench. Roll the handle and swing arm assembly away from the motor plate.  


3. Remove the four sets of nuts holding the brackets onto the vibration dampeners using the 7/16" socket. Remove brackets.         

4. Remove old vibration dampeners by unscrewing from motor plate. Replace with new dampeners. Torn vibration dampeners may be difficult to grip solidly, but can be removed from the plate using a hammer and chisel at an angle to loosen them from the threading. Once loosened, they can be unscrewed the rest of the way by hand. 

5. Place the brackets on the vibration absorbers. Thread one of the included nuts onto each vibration absorber. Tighten with a 7/16” socket. Then thread the second included nut onto each vibration absorber. Tighten with a 7/16” socket. 

6. Align the swing arms with the brackets and slide the bolts back in place. Tighten using the 5/16” Allen wrench and 3/4” wrench. Do not over-tighten. Re-connect tubing and motor power cord.