Did you know freezing temperatures can cause damage to your equipment? With temperatures dropping during the winter months, it is essential to properly clean and store your equipment to avoid costly and timely repairs. Below we have provided tips for properly winterizing your equipment.

Tip 1: Mytee recommends that you completely empty out your solution tanks, recovery tanks, and hose lines after every use. Freezing water expands, which can lead to cracks and breaks on pumps and other parts. Connecting an air compressor to your tool's solution lines and running air through can quickly blow out any water left in them. 

Tip 2: Avoid storing your equipment outdoors or leaving exposed to freezing weather conditions during use.

Tip 3: For equipment where indoor storage is not an option, flush system with a non-toxic anti-freeze solution. RV anti-freeze (propylene glycol), windshield wiper fluid (methanol), or isopropyl alcohol solutions are commonly used options.