Troubleshooting for pump-outs found in Mytee equipment. 

ProblemPossible CauseSolution
Pump turns on but doesn't pump out 

Clogged filter.

Check filter. Clear any obstructions.

Kinked hose (C381 only).

Open the machine. Make sure when it closes that no hoses get kinked. 
Clogged pump.

Flush tank and pump-out with clean water to clear debris from lines.

The anti-airlock hole in the swing check valve (part #P686) is blocked or clogged (35 GPM and 66 GPM pump-outs only).
Find the 1/8” hole in the threads of the check valve located on the top of the pump out (shown above). Make sure there is nothing blocking this hole.
Pump doesn't turn onObstructed float switch.

Check float switch. Clear any obstructions.

Clogged pump.

Clean around pump-out with clean water.

Vacuum pressure loss

Bad swing check valve 

(Part #P686)

If air is getting sucked into the port that the machine pumps out through, replace swing check valve