Troubleshooting for solenoid pumps used in Mytee equipment.

ProblemPossible CauseSolution

Pump will not prime or retain prime after operating 

Cracked pump headReplace pump
Hose is kinkedStraighten hoses
Hose fitting not tight on headTighten hose fitting

Pump runs but there is no spray

Faulty suction piping

Replace pump

Clogged inlet

Clean or replace

Blockage or kink somewhere in the


See chart below to diagnose the location of the blockage

Pump runs too hot 

Water is not reaching pump due to a kinked hose or clogged inlet filterCheck to ensure hoses are straight and the inlet filter is clean
Flow rate is low
Piping or hose is damaged
Clean or replace
Clogged nozzles
Clear obstruction or replace
Clogged filterClean out filter 
Pump will not runPump isn't receiving power
Examine electrical hook-up and secure any loose connections or replace faulty components

Troubleshooting Chart

If there is no spray coming from your pump, consult this troubleshooting chart to find a solution.