Follow the instructions to reset a tripped manual sensor on your heater. If the heater continues to trip the manual sensor after reseting, continue with instructions below to replace the automatic sensor (Part # E573).  

How to Reset Heaters

Step 1: Locate the heater inside of the extractor 

Step 2: Press the small white and yellow button on the heater. This will reset the heater. If the unit has more than one heater, make sure to reset both heaters 

How to Replace Automatic Sensor

Step 1: Detach the white wire with the blue tip from  the sensor (Figure A).

Step 2: Use a phillips head screwdriver to 

remove the two screws mounting the sensor (Figure B). Set screws aside for reassembly.

Step 3: Mount the new sensor with the two 

screws  (Figure C).

Step 4: Reattach the wire (Figure D).