The diagram below outlines the basic operation of the heating systems found in Mytee equipment. 

Basic Heater Operation

• Cold water from the solution pump is pumped into the heater (1).

• The heating element (2) heats the aluminum casting, which in turn heats the stainless steel internal

coil (3).

• The water travels through the coil for a longer period of time than it would through a straight pipe,

which gives it more time to be heated thoroughly.

• The now hot water comes out the opposite fitting on the heater (4) straight out of the machine

through the QD to your cleaning tool.

Automatic Sensor (5):

• Detects when the heater casting has reached 200°F. When this temperature is reached, it cuts

power to the heating element and turns it back on when the temperature has cooled to 190°F.

Manual Sensor (6):

• Acts as a backup to the automatic sensor. Shuts off the heater at 310°F and does not allow the

heater to restart until the reset button at the sensor’s center has been manually reset.

• The heater is wired to a switch on the panel, and to the power cord (7). It is also grounded by a third

wire (8).

• The entire assembly is wrapped in insulation (9) to shield other parts of the machine from the heat.