Troubleshooting for the heating systems found in Mytee equipment.

ProblemPossible CauseSolution
My heater is not heating water.Loose electrical connection.
Check all electrical connections, including power cord and harness.
Automatic sensor has failed, causing manual sensor to trip.

Reset the manual sensor button by

pressing the small white and yellow button in the center of the sensor. If this works, but heater continues to trip the manual sensor, replace the automatic sensor (Part # E573) on the heater.

Heater element has failed.
Check for continuity through the element by reading the amperage. If amps are low, only part of the element may be heating up – in this case, the element is damaged and needs to be replaced.
Bad power switch.
If the element, sensors, and wiring all check out okay, there may be a bad switch on the switch-plate.
Running out of water too fast.

Too much water flowing through the


Remember, when using your machine, it is recommended you do one wet pass followed by two dry passes. This way you are not spraying as much and the hot water will last longer.
Jets being used are too large.
If your machine has a 1,000W or 1,200W heating system, make sure your cleaning tool has 0.02 jets.
Water in tank is very cold.
If possible, fill your solution tank with warm water in order to shorten the amount of time it takes for the water to heat up. The pumps are usually rated for 140°F water.
Heater has hard water buildup inside, leading to lost efficiency.
Run Mytee System Maintainer (Part # 3601) through the machine regularly in order to clear hard water or chemical residue that can block water flow and reduce heating ability.
Unit has vapor locked/no water pumping out of the unit 

Turning on the heater before turning on the pump and priming the unit.

Turn off the heater and allow the unit to cool completely. When machine has cooled, turn on the pump first. Prime the unit by spraying solution out of the cleaning tool. Then, turn on the heater.