This procedure applies to the following machines:

  • 8070 Mytee Lite™
  • HP60 Spyder™
  • HP120 Grand Prix™
  • 2002CS Contractor's Special™

Follow these instructions for removal of the C305 pump for warranty and/or replacement purposes.

Tools Needed:

•     Wire Cutters

•     Adjustable Wrench or Wrench Set

•     Phillips Screwdriver

1. Open up the machine so you can access the internal components. Cut the 3 wires that run from the pump to the wire harness.

2. Remove the silicone hose with a wrench.

3. Remove the rubber outlet hose with a wrench.

4. Remove the mounting screws using a Phillips screwdriver and a 3/8” wrench for the nuts on the bottom. The pump can now be removed.

5. To install a new pump, connect the hoses to the pump first, then mount it, and finally connect the wiring using crimp connectors.