Troubleshooting for the T-Rex™ and T-Rex™ Jr. Rotary Extractors.

ProblemPossible CauseSolution
Motor makes bad grinding sound.
Bad pinion gear.
For T-Rex with black gearbox: Order replacement gear (Part # H914).
For T-Rex with chrome gearbox: Order replacement gear (Part # H129).
For T-Rex Jr.: Order replacement gear (Part # H237).
Machine bounces when running on carpet.
Loose cleaning head.
Make sure all screws on cleaning head are tight and that the cleaning head is screwed on properly.
Power not reaching motor.
Bad speed control board or potentiometer.
If power is going to the E382 speed control board but not reaching the motor, replace board with E397 rectifier.
Smoking, sparking, shaking, cycling, noticeably weaker or nonfunctional motor.
Worn motor carbon brushes.

Replace carbon brushes.

(Part # C311-BMK for T-Rex,
C311B-BMK for T-Rex Jr.)