Troubleshooting for ECO14-PRO and ECO17-PRO All-Surface Orbital Floor Machines.

Possible Cause
Motor stops, grinds, or vibrates excessively
Bearing failure
Check bearing (Part # H556A) Replace if it’s hard to turn
Motor unplugged
Make sure motor is plugged into handle
Faulty electrical connection in handle
Plug power cord directly into motor. If working properly, then check the wires/switch in the handle for loose crimps.

If machine still has clear pigtail

power cord on handle, fill out a warranty claim to receive upgraded parts (Part # E417)

Plug on the power cord doesn’t light up when plugged in.
Faulty power cord.
Replace power cord. 38” Pigtail: Part # E575
Plug lights up when plugged in but machine does not turn on.
Wires connecting to the switch may be loose or disconnected.
Replace power cord. 38” Pigtail: Part # E575
Faulty power switch.
Replace power switch. Part # H167
Motor circuit breaker may have tripped.
Reset breaker by pressing button located on bottom of motor conduit box.